Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Momma and Our Grape

We had an appointment yesterday afternoon to meet one of the doctors in the practice and luckily my job is flexible enough that I can leave early to make these appointments. As long as I make up the time they really don't care. I have noticed that I usually the only one accompanying their spouse for appointments. I think I've seen a total of two men in the few times we've been there. Not a criticism of dads but more of an observation. I really don't want to miss anything so I'm going to as many as possible. I was glad I didn't miss the appointment yesterday because we got to here the baby's heartbeat. (side note: week 9 = size of a grape!) It was pretty amazing. SSG is doing a really great according to all her levels, such as her iron. They said she must be doing a good job eating well because they can see it in the urine analysis and other tests. Good job momma! We're been really trying to just pump her full of good stuff (not always) and it showed. Our baby grape is doing really well so far. The doctor we were supposed to meet was actually delivering a baby so we'll have to try again to meet her for the next appointment.

Yesterday we each had a phone call to make. I called my grandparents to share the news. I talked to my grammie and she was thrilled. By far the hippest 80 year old I know as she didn't skip a beat. On a funny side note she made sure she told me that due to recent health woes she can no longer have her "daily toddy" which is scotch and a little water. She's had one a day for decades I believe. Poor Grammie.

SSG also made her phone call to her sister which she was nervous about. I won't get in to details but let's just say they aren't exactly close and generally when SSG has good news the response is usually something nasty and sarcastic. I couldn't believe it though because she actually said, "Congratulations". I'm still shocked. It went much better than expected and I think SSG was really relieved. 

No appointment until the first week of March so we will just keeping good thoughts, feeding the little grape good things, and putting SSG to bed at like 8:30! 


Strawberry said...

Yay so exciting!! Glad to hear the good news, and I totally get the nerve-racking sisterly phone call (I have a sister like that, too).

~Jess said...

My husband always goes to my appts: I think it's because we are using donor sperm and, for him, it's away to feel a part of it all.

I'm glad that you guys' appt went well and the 'grape' is doing awesome!

That's wondeful that the news was so well received by everyone!

A said...

Wow! What a great day! Heartbeat, good phone calls to family. I'm very happy for you.