Friday, March 5, 2010

Bueller?? Bueller??

Is anyone out there? The last couple of posts have gotten no comments. I am starting to wonder if anyone is still out there. I kind of feel like we may have bored out readers and they have left us. Even if we have lost our readers I think I will keep writing since this has become such a great record of the first months of E's life and the journey to making her. I know I lurk on several blogs and never comment so I guess I will be writing for my lurkers (if I have any for now!)

Today we went looking for daycare/school options for E for next year. Ugh let's just say I am totally hating this process espesially since we did this last year as well. Before E was born prematurly we had researched daycare options for E and had found a great home daycare that was right by my school and about 1.5 miles from home. It was great. The woman is a vegetarian and only served organic foods. Her house was great and had a wonderful layout. Another teacher at school used her and she also did a teacher's schedule so that we could drop off at 7:30 and pick up at 3:30 and didn't charge for the summers. It really could not be better. Oh and did I mention that the price was great? However since E was a preemie, the doctors and nurses didn't want E exposed to germs this first RSV season and pretty much told us not to put her in daycare (or take her out of the house for that matter) for the first year. Plus Shazam was out of work so we decided the best plan for our family would be to give up her spot in the awesome daycare and keep her home. I think it was the best decsion for our family and I don't regret it. Unfortunaltly when I called the daycare to see if there was a spot for E, there was no room for her. I am beyond bummed out about this. I then called the daycare that we had tried to get E into last year (but there was no room then) and got the same story, no room. I put a message out on the school email and got several recommendations. After I called several I found that there was very few spots available for a 14 month old in the area that do teacher's hours. I made appointments to visit two options today. Let's just say that they were on opposite ends of the spectrum.

This morning started with visiting a local Montessori school. I was excited to find in my research that they have a toddler program (which is pretty rare) and that they would take E even though she would not be 15 months at the beginging of the school year. I know that Montessori is not for everyone but my mom is a retired Montessori teacher and I went to a Montessori school from age 3-6...we are Montessori people. I fully expected to love the school and I did. It was beautiful. The wooden chairs, the pretty plates, the cute little toddlers playing, it was wonderful. How could you not love cute little kids sitting at a mini table serving themselves freshly chopped papaya and avacado? What I don't love is the price. Ugh the price. They do offer financial aid but since we are late in applying I don't think we will get any. I would so love for E to go to this school and we are going to put our application in but I don't think it is really going to happen right now. Not with Shazam not working, unemployment eventually running out, and Shazam attending grad school in September. Perhaps when E is three she can start the primary program but I can always dream of E around that wooden table in her little chair munching on papaya right? It will be more realistic when we are both in full-time jobs.

Our second stop of the day was a home daycare. I had high hopes. The woman was cheery and nice on the phone. I pictured the family daycare that I we had enrolled E in before. It could not be farther from that. It was in a basement, it smelled horribly musty, it was dirty, the toys were old and grungy, there was a tv, it was crowded, there was an electrical outlet covered with duct tape, and the toys were stored in old cardboard boxes. The woman was very nice but there is no way we will be sending E there.

This visit sent me into such a tizzy that I needed fried food and wine to get me out of it. So back to the drawing board I went.

We now have an appointment Monday to see two other home daycares. Both are recommended by people we trust so this should have a better chance to be a better fit. I sure hope so, since the stress of where E will be going next year is stressing Shazam and I out.


Sara B said...

I'm here and reading!

We're starting Marino in a Montessori school in September (he'll be 26 months). It's a little more than we pay for a daycare center, but a marginal amount more, considering the insane amount of $$$ we shell out as it is (we live in a high COL area). We had to search around to find one even in our price range, though.

Hope you find something that "fits!"

For the Long Haul said...

I hear you on the Bueller thing...I used to get comments and not so much anymore. But I figure that I am writing to document for my kids and not for anyone else. But for what it's worth? I'm reading...

And I have both of my kids in a Montessori daycare (and preschool for the 4 year old) and couldn't be happier. And yes, I pay out the rump. Almost $1,700 for both kids combined (Monday thru Thursday only). So I hear you. Keep looking. You will find something that works for you AND your budget.

Anonymous said...

oh heavens no I come and read everyday. I dont post often but I come to look for a post.Little E is just growing so much. I went to see my little grandson tonight and his mom found his first tooth!!!!! Jean

N said...

I'm a newish lurker, but thought I'd pop up and say hi. :)

K said...

I'm here too! I don't know about others, but ever since I started using a reader, I have become terrible about commenting. It seems I only read blogs on my phone while I'm waiting in line or doing something else that doesn't lend itself to clicking over and commenting. I keep saying I'm going to get better about it, but... yeah. Can't say it's happened yet.

Finding a daycare that meets your needs is so stressful. They spend so much time there and your mental health is dependent on it being a place you feel comfortable with. It's great that you guys have time on your side. I'm sure you'll find something that feels right.

p.s. I was seduced by the community table too. :-) Most of the places we looked at had one (including the one we went with) so it may be easier to find one in your price range than you think.

bluedaisyus said...

I'm reading! I follow on reader and I marked your last post so I could come back to comment on how cute little E is and congratulate Shazam on getting into BC, but hadn't had a chance to yet.

So, congratulations to Shazam! Little E is sooooo cute, and I hope you find a daycare for her soon!

kat said...

i'm a lurker :) i should comment more, especially since i feel the same on my blog.

i hope daycare gets figured out without a lot of stress of financial burden. deciding on daycare kind of freaks me out, even though we don't need to consider it right now. good luck!!

Emily said...

I read, I just don't comment much.

Keep us posted on Daycare - that makes me soooo nervous!

Cape Cod Kitty said...

I'm here, too, and always enjoy your posts. Ella's progress is amazing, and you are such loving parents.
Montessori is well worth the price, and I am sure that will all work out. Persist with the daycare and you will see that openings can pop up when you least expect it. Life circumstances create spaces often.
Happy almost Spring to you all.

Elise said...

I always read! But I've also gotten lazy on the commenting since discovering the reader. Daycare is such a pain - we're having issues of our own right now :(

wishing you the best in finding just the right fit...or a winning lottery ticket!

darcie99 said...

Oh good grief! I just found you last week, so I hope you don't go anywhere!

My wife and I are having our first later this year (8/9/10) - I dread the daycare search. I'm certain the thought of leaving our little one will break my heart.

Please don't go anywhere! I'm here...I'm lurking daily!