Sunday, March 21, 2010

Perfect Day

This weekend brought more unseasonably warm weather with Saturday boasting temperatures in the low 70s. It was a wonderful way to welcome the first day of Spring. I had yoga in the morning and Shazam and Little E went with me. She was in great spirits and was back to her cute smiling self with my yoga teacher, classmates, and the staff at the store where the class is held. Shazam and Little E visited for a little while and took a nice walk in the sunshine while I bent myself like a pretzel.

After Ella's nap in the afternoon we went over to a park near our house for Little E's first try on the swing. She loved it! We spent about an hour swinging, playing on a blanket and trying out the slide. We then returned home and grilled our supper. Ella was exhausted and fell asleep during her evening bottle. I could not have planned out a more perfect day. There is really nothing more that I need than my family, a sunny day, and a swing.


Pufferfish said...

Adorable! She's gotten so big!

Snickollet said...

Love it! You are all so cute. What a great, great day.

Meegs said...

Aw, beautiful family!

tinshee said...

I just needed to share my favorites:

-The one of you with Ella in the swing.
-The one of the three of you on the blanket where Ella is looking at Sue and laughing.


shea said...

wow she has grown so freaking much! looks like you all had so much fun. such wonderful family pics.

darcie99 said...

two weeks since your last I'm wondering where you guys are!