Monday, March 8, 2010

The Daycare Saga Continues

Thanks so much for letting me know you are all still here! It felt good to know I am not talking to myself. A couple of you mentioned not commenting as much since you started using reader. I think I am totally guilty of this as well and am going to make more of an effort to comment on the blogs I go read.

Today brought 2 more daycare visits and I am happy to report they went better than the fiasco of Friday. I visited a daycare after school today on my way home and the Shazam Little E and I went to another tonight.

The first daycare was a family daycare just up the street from the gross one we saw on Friday. It was super clean, and very spacious. It had a huge playroom and a kitchen area. It pretty much was the entire first floor of the house. They also had there own very nice playground. The daycare was a little larger than the ones we have seen before and could have a total of 10 children there. There were 2 full time providers and the owner. It was very nice and they all seemed to care about the kids. There was also a separate room for the kids to take a nap. It was very structured. I liked it but it seemed more like a center than a family daycare. This is probably because the woman who ran the daycare passed away this fall and her husband has kept the business going and has hired two woman to take care of the kids. He is very involved and I really liked him but I just didn't get the same connection I have from some of the other family daycares. It is just around the corner from home but is the most expensive we have seen and he did not seem very flexiable with hours (we want 4 days/week)

The second place was really great. It is about 10 minutes from home and was recomended by a friend. Her daughter went there and loved it. Both Shazam and I can totally see why. The door was answered by a very cute teenager who introduced herself and lead us upstairs. The provider was on the phone when we got there so the husband waited with us and both the daughter and husband smiled and cooed at Ella. The provider was so nice we chatted in her emaculate living room and she went over the details of the kids days. She was wonderful. When we mentioned that Ella was a preemie she told us her daughter was born 10 weeks early too. This made me feel so comfortable and she asked about early intervention and told us that they could come and do her services while Ella was at the daycare. How great is that. She took us down to the daycare area and it was so clean and wonderful. The toys and play area it was great. The room opens right out to the fenced back yard. The woman is Chillean so the program is billingual which I also think is wonderful. She then showed us the pictures of all the families at the daycare and there was another 2 mom family. I was over the moon. The only glitch is that another family came today and she is mailing the contract to both of us. I don't know how she will decide who gets the spot. I am hoping that our friend whom the provider seemed to love can put in a good word for us.

Hopefully we will have this daycare problem resolved soon and I will not have to stress about this anymore.


Snickollet said...

I know Daycare #2!! I hope that works out.

Emily said...

eee I want #2 on your behalf :) Good luck!