Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Playing Is Hard!

Little E is really playing independently more and more lately. She is quite content to play on her mat with her toys or play with the toys on her jumper for long periods of time these days. She is quite inquisitive and spends lots of time just looking at her books or the tags on her toys. She is moving around quite a bit and her early intervention case worker was impressed to see her spinning around on her tummy to reach for things. Darwin on the other hand is not so impressed since Little E seems to be most motivated to move towards her puppy. She loves grabbing his fur. It is quite cute and I think Darwin is very surprised that this furless cat thing we brought home is now moving. All her reaching, spinning and playing seems to be tiring the poor little girl our since this is what Shazam found the other morning.

Little E is also going better sleeping at night. We tried to have her cry it out when she wakes up at night the past two nights and it has gone well. The first night it took her about 5 mininutes to fall back to sleep the two times she woke up. Last night I had to get up and put her pacifier back in once but she only woke briefly two other times and only cried for a few minute. She is also napping in her crib both in the morning and the evening!!! I don't want to jinx us but we may have turned a corner.

Little E is doing really well with her high chair and is really enjoying sitting in it while we cook dinner. She likes to play with her toys and study her books and it is so nice to hang out as a family.

Finally the great news of the week is that Shazam got into B.C. Which means that she got into her two top graduate schools. She still has not decided where she will be going yet but Little E and I could not be prouder. Yeah Shazam!

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