Friday, March 19, 2010

I should be working...

but instead I will be writing a blog post. I have a free period right now and I should be going through papers and correcting or planning or something but I decided that I would blog instead.

The weather here has been so great this week little E has been getting out and about so much. Shazam has been walking with her to a coffee shop in the mornings to get a latte which I think they both have been enjoying. We have taken several walks as a family when I get home from work and it has been great. Last night we walked up the street for pizza. It was so yummy and E did great while we ate our pizza and drank out beers. It is so nice to be able to get out of the apartment and see something other than the four walls that have been caging us all in for RSV season. We still have about a month and a half left but have started to enlarge E's world as we think she needs some more socialization and enrichment. It is a constant balance of trying to keep her safe from germs and at the same time help her grow socially and emotionally.

This week has been a prime example of how sheltered Little E really is. Little E had a doctors appointment for her RSV shot on Wednesday so we decided that it would be an excellent opportunity to have her stop by school for a few minutes and meet some people. She was in a great mood when she got there but as soon as people started to get near her she flipped out. Screaming at the top of her lungs and was inconsolable. It was awful. I was so excited for people to meet my girl and she was a miserable mess the whole time. We ended up having to leave. We then stopped at a toy store while trying to kill some time before her appointment and the woman in the toy store said hi to her and she once again flipped out. Same thing happened at the doctors. It was her nap time but still Little E seems to be taking stranger danger to a new level. We also think she may be teething (god I hope so) since she has been pretty irritable lately. We will see.

So we will be trying to broaden Little E's world in the hopes that she will start to be more comfortable with new people and places. Here playgroup will start next week. I hope it goes well for both Little E and Shazam.

Little E has been really improving this week on her physical skills. At the start of the week she couldn't really push her belly off the floor to get into a crawl position. We have been working on this with her and now she does it all the time. In the last 48 hours she even started rocking back and forth on her knees it looks like she will be taking off into a crawl any minute. I guess we need to start that baby proofing project this weekend.

On the food front Little E has been doing really well. She has liked everything we have given her so far with the exception of squash and has not shown any more allergy signs with new food. We have yet to try anything green again. Which I know we must do but it really would mean that I need to make it since most of the green store bought has peas in it or another legume. My plan had been to make all the food but I just have not gotten my act together on this. Perhaps Sunday while it is raining I can whip up a batch of something. I think I really need to do this anyway since I was looking at the ingredients of many of the stage 2 meals and they all have garbanzo flour (another legume) in them. Little E also has been having puffs and seems to be doing really well with them. She can't get them into her mouth very well but opens up like a baby bird for them if I put them in her mouth. EI wants her working on her pincher skills so we need to offer them more but solid food kind of makes me nervous. She still has zero teeth and I am afraid she will choke.

We found out that we got into the daycare that we wanted. It is a little farther away from my school than I may have wanted but I don't think it will be too much of a problem. Hopefully Shazam will have a schedule that allows for her to do much of the drop off. Our plan is to hopefully have Shazam take one of her courses at night so that Little E will only need to be in daycare 4 days/week. We really felt great about this provider and I am really happy that there will be another two mom family there. Also the fact that she had a 30 week preemie herself makes me feel like so at ease with her. Yeah for that being decided. While I am a little bummed that we will have to pay for 2 days per week in the summer I have a feeling that I will enjoy the days that I can go grocery shopping and get things done around the house without a 2 year old on my heels.

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