Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well So Much For That

I think SSG talked about blogging every day and it looks like there hasn't been a blog in a week. Oops. So much for that plan! I have a few minutes while E is napping and before Early Intervention comes so thought I would start an entry and give some updates.

DAYCARE: No word yet on whether we got that spot at the daycare we really loved. We heard from the friend that recommended her that the daycare provider called her and it seemed to our friend that we were in. We were excited and relieved but we've heard nothing. SSG called the provider yesterday and she didn't indicate that we were in. So I'm confused and worried that we're not in which means we need to keep searching. This sucks. The whole thing sucks quite frankly. It sucks that we need to even send her and it sucks that we have to come up with like $14,000 a year to pay for it.

DARWIN: A little over a week ago our beagle, Darwin, ate the inside of a wet diaper. Somehow baby urine was appealing. That dog is like a freakin goat. He'll eat anything. In fact here are a few examples of what he's eaten in the past:

- socks
- baskets
- a can of oats
- thyroid medication

Ok so back to the diaper. We noticed he was "passing" the diaper (yes it's as gross as you imagine) but after a few days of diarrhea and his appetite decreasing, we decided we needed to get him checked out. We were afraid of a blockage and honestly more afraid of the expense of all of it. I got an appointment last Thursday at 12:30 which is really convenient with SSG at work, me without a car, and E with me. It was a clusterfuck. SSG had to leave work and get coverage and SSG's mom had to come to watch E. We took Darwin, dropped him off, and had to kill time in the area waiting to hear from the vet. We ended up staying there all afternoon only to have them say the diaper is most likely not a problem but the bump on his neck that appeared about a month ago may be...or not. Basically she was like it could be a hematoma or it's worse but again no real diagnosis. So $750 later we took him home with medication, special food, and he's fine. Bastard has like 9 lives and is killing us financially. We love him but we were prepared to put him down if the thing on his neck was like terminal cancer. Sorry we're not people who can pay for like rounds of chemo. We love him dearly but for us it's not something we would do. Hell I'm happy when we can pay for groceries for the week.

GRAD SCHOOL: No word yet on this in terms of me officially accepting somewhere. I had to contact BC because I got in but need my financial aid package before I can make that decision. I was told it's not going out until like early April. I'm a bit baffled by this because my deadline for acceptance was like March 23rd. Do people really make that kind of big decision without knowing the financials? Anyway I got an extension for like mid-April so I'm hoping to have a decision made and have it be over with.

LITTLE E: E has been doing really well and is for the most part a typical 8 month old. She's very active and often very vocal. She's able to move around really well on the floor dragging herself around. She's trying to put together the crawling thing. She can get her butt off the ground, sometimes tucks her knees under her, and just recently shows glimpses of getting that butt and belly off the ground in a crawl position. She's really enjoying her solids...minus squash. She reeeally didn't like squash and personally I don't blame her. E and I have taken a couple of long walks which we really both enjoy. I also just agreed to do like a mommy and me group for an hour on Thursdays starting next week. I know it will be good for E but for me personally I know it will be tough to go because I am very uncomfortable meeting new people. I'm not outgoing like SSG is and I won't have her there as comfort. Once school is out I really want SSG and E to do some sort of mommy and me group, perhaps a yoga mommy and me. We'll have to start looking.

Anyway that's pretty much it from here! Just plugging along.

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Baby Mama, Too said...

I totally hear you on the Darwin thing. We have had a couple scares with our furry daughter in recent months. She is 12 now and just going down hill. I told S I could not put her thru chemo treatment or surgery, so far her worst ailment is low thyroid levels and a declining ability to walk. Hopefully that is all we have to deal with... When she could get around freely, we had to be very careful about what we let in her reach. She would eat anything that was remotely appetizing (or fun to tear up). She once ate an entire box of chocolate covered cherries (foil and plastic tray included) that my Mother had left on the closet floor in her spare bedroom. She was passing foil for a week!