Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Ah, perspective.  It's one of those things that I think we could all use from time to time.  I know it's something I certainly need.  I'm one of those people unfortunately that is inside my noodle a lot, stressing about...well you name it.  I get wrapped up in what don't have or what I want to have or get discouraged about what I know I'll never have.  It's not one of my better qualities and causes me to lose sleep often, but it's just me.  So from time to time, I need perspective and often remind myself it's all just "stuff".  "Stuff" doesn't buy you happiness.  I think it's just so easy to get wrapped up in what you don't have and feel like in some way you've failed.  

Well my perspective came from my wife this morning in an e-mail letting me know she went to a local Dunkin' Donuts to get coffee.  It's a little bit of what I would call a "sketchy" DD in an area that I would say isn't economically thriving (ok, so what IS right now in our economy?!).  SSG was in line to order and apparently there was a woman, probably homeless, asking people to buy her coffee and asking the DD workers for coffee.   All the woman wanted was coffee and everyone was ignoring her or saying "no".  It's true she could have been an alcoholic or had a drug problem and I know some people refuse to help people like that because they don't want to contribute to the habit....but....the woman just wanted a $2.50 fucking cup of coffee!  Not surprisingly, my wife who has a huge heart bought her a large cup of coffee.  It's one of the reasons I love her so much.  She's just good people.

So while I get discouraged that I can't provide a house for my family and that we can't go on fancy vacations every year, we do have a nice apartment, we have jobs, we have a great marriage, and great families.  We can go out and buy coffee and that is a good dose of perspective. 


SupersammyG said...

yes perspective is good. I was going to blog about the same thing (post stealer!) I am drinking my coffee and thinking about how lucky I really am. Now get out our your noodle woman.

Shazam! said...

Sorry!! Didn't mean to be a post stealer! The next one is all you.

Snickollet said...

SSG--you are a good egg!

(And for the record, at our house the "noodle" is called a "beano.")

tinshee said...

Awww! Good for you Sammy!!! I'm sure you made that woman's day. {{hugs}}

Meegs said...

Aww, great post.