Friday, November 21, 2008

Here we go again

So I started testing for ovulation this morning. I wasn't expecting it today but I had some ewcm (egg white cervical mucus sorry if that is tmi) last night. I have been ovulating on day 18 or 19 but since last cycle was 32 days long I don't know if this one will be all thrown off as well. Oh the joys of ttc and obsessing about my bodily functions. If I had gotten my period on time then today would be day 17 and I would be getting a pos. opk on Sat or Sunday. I need to buy some new opks today so I have a fresh supply. I am really hoping that I ovulate early so that we don't have a conflict with Thanksgiving. Keep your fingers crossed. Since I drove myself crazy last month with testing really early and way too much I am going to try and wait the full 14 days before testing. Since I have no idea how long my period will be this month (30 or 32) I think I will try and wait to test until the full 14 days of the 2 week wait (if I have not started my period). I am not sure if I will succeed and this but perhaps Shazam will hide the hpts for me so that it is at least a little more difficult for me to cave in and test. We will have to see how it goes and if Eggy II does not cooperate and I ovulate on Thanksgiving then this whole discussion is irrelevant anyway.

On another note I second Shazam's excitement about our pet free weekend. Don't get me wrong I love the animals but a break is always nice and I can't wait for my yummy breakfast at the inn. I also want to look at some art. There are some really nice galleries in Woodstock and I would love to see what they have. We bought a wonderful painting on our honeymoon and have some other small pieces that we have bought over the last few years. I would really like to keep adding to our "collection" so perhaps we will find something that would brighten our living room up a bit.

This is our painting and we choose it because it captured the feel and look of Curacao and we wanted something that would always remind us of out honeymoon. We love it and I am so glad we made the choice to buy it.
Have a great weekend and we will keep you posted on any developments on the Eggy II front.


Snickollet said...

Come on, Eggy II!

That painting reminds me of Africa, and it makes me think of warm days and sunny climes. John and I often bought art when we were on vacation. Makes for nice memories.

SupersammyG said...

I think you deserve some sunny days and warm climes. Did Shazam tell you I may be able to help you with your childcare prob. the week of christmas? Also we are open to a fun trip so you can sleep in a cushy bed child free. I am thinking about you and hope you are doing a bit better. Love ya