Friday, November 14, 2008

Prop 8

The last week and a half I have felt so conflicted. My mom called right after the election and asked it I was as excited as she was. I had to tell her that while I am really happy (which is an understatement) about Obama being elected I am also sad about the passing of prop. 8. I guess it is hard to be ecstatic when over half a state voted to ban your family. I know it is only the beginning but it makes me scared for my future children. I guess I sometimes forget that not everyone lives in the happy little bubble of Massachusetts. It seems so crazy that people would fight so hard and spend so much money so that they could take my right to marry away. I feel so attacked and so sad about the whole thing. It just reminds me of how far we still have to go. If you have not seen this clip yet it is worth the time watching.

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tinshee said...

I was sad about all 3 of the states that "banned gay marriage" and also AK where they have effectively banned any gay couple from adopting or fostering children. Boo to close minded, ignorant people. :( :( :(