Tuesday, November 25, 2008

IUI #2 done

Shazam and I are back from out iui and it went so smoothly. The midwife I had was so great. First of all it took a grand total of 5 sec for her to insert the catheter and put the swimmers into place. She was awesome. I also learned how one can insert a speculum with out any discomfort. The midwife had me do a keigel when she inserted it and it was so much more comfortable. Gee I wish someone taught me that trick at my first pap 15 years ago. Also my cervix has always been a bit of a challenge to find and she told me where to tell people in the future to find it. So helpful (it is to the back and left if you were wondering). She also made sure I was relaxed and happy when the swimmers were put in and announce "let's make a baby!" It was great. We really liked our first midwife and I liked this one even more. So the swimmers were their very active swimmy selves and my cervix was wide open with tons of ewcm. So all looks good. Now Eggy 2 and the swimmers need to cooperate and stick in the uterus.

We are off to Vt after school is out at 11:30 tomorrow. The weather looks like it will be cooperating. Yeah! So only one class to teach tomorrow and a study hall last period to survive and we will be on our way to Woodstock and after a restful night at the B&B it is on to the farm in Fair Haven.

Happy Thanksgiving All!

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Snickollet said...

Hey, guys,

I'm thinking good thoughts for Eggy II and I'm really glad to hear that things went so well yesterday. What a great way to start Thanksgiving weekend (a little early).

Have a wonderful trip and happy holiday weekend. Can't wait to trade stories when we're all back next week.