Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Picking a Christmas tree

On Sunday Shazam and I went with my parents to pick out their Christmas tree. My mother has been wanting to go to the tree farm near her, pick it out, and then cut it down for years. We finally made it happen and it was really fun. We actually just tagged the tree and will return on December 2oth to pick it up (we opted not to cut it down ourselves). The farm opened last week so many of the trees were already chosen but we got one we liked and I think it made my mother's year! Wow did we get some brownie points! The weather was great and it quite warm which made the process much more pleasant. After we picked it out we went to the barn to pay and there was free hot cider! How much better could it be? What was really cool was that many of the trees that had been chosen were decorated. I think my mother is returning so that our tree does not feel neglected and naked. I am sure we will be doing this next year and my mom is already thinking about decorations. While we were walking around I couldn't help think that I can't wait to take own children to pick out a tree. Maybe next year. Does this mean I am turning into my mother??? Here are some pictures of the the big event:
Our Tree
A view of some baby trees and the raspberry bushes.
My Dad tagging the tree.

Shazam and my Mom. It is too bad they don't get along!
Shazam and Super Sammy G (tree is to the left)

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Snickollet said...

That looks like so much fun!

Shazam: Hope you're "feeling better" and will be able to make it in to work tomorrow . . .