Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dr. Wonderful and Other Thoughts

My friend E just informed me that I am a blogging slacker so here is the post that has been brewing for the past few days.

On pregnancy notes the only symptom I have is sore boobs. I had taken to wearing one of Shazam's bra/tank things to bed to keep the girls contained and less sore. The only problem is that I am much larger than the dear wife so the system was not all that great. So we picked up a more suitable item while out at BrU the other day. I also made Shazam buy saltines Sunday just in case morning sickness starts this week. A girl should be prepared right?

I also made an appointment at the ob last week. I have been really torn about what to do regarding my prenatal and delivery. I have always thought that I would deliver with an ob at one of the big Boston hospitals. I was born at one and always wanted to have a n.i.c.u. at the hospital. I am a worrier so I like to be prepared. I in fact always thought I would probably not want to deliver at the hospital that I was born at and would opt for the hospital down the street. The only reason being, the walkway that connects the hospital I would deliver at is to Boston Children's hospital. Ok so I am a little paranoid but I am who I am. Well now that I am pregnant and actually have to decide about these things I am scrapping the plan I made. So here is where we stand. We absolutely loved the midwives that did our IUIs and are really torn about leaving the practice to deliver with an ob. On one hand I think it would be great, the other hand (the one that belongs to the worry wart) worries that I want to have a relationship with the ob if I need medical intervention during deliver.

My friend J recommended an awesome ob (Dr. Wonderful). Dr Wonderful hails from the republic of Cambridge and is everything a crunchy yet paranoid mother to be could want. She practices alone so she 99% guarantees that she will deliver your baby. She also has a midwife who also assists at your delivery. The best of both worlds all the medicine of an ob and the natural approach of a midwife. So I called Friday, this is 2 days after I found out I was pregnant and 14 days post iui and in reality the first day many women would know they were pregnant. It is only the first full week of the month so I figure I should be good to go. But no Dr. Wonderful is full for deliveries in September. What the hell?? Since I am due on 9/15 does this mean she is only delivering babies for the first 2 weeks of September????? The woman was really nice and put me on the waiting list. I know that she is popular because when I mentioned not being able to make an appointment with this great Dr. another friend said "Oh do you mean Dr. Wonderful?" If you call on the 9th day of a month you are out of luck which is crazy. My theory is that people call and say they are pregnant even though they are not yet and hold a place just in case they get pregnant that month. If you call on 1/1 and say that you are pregnant you get in for September then if you are not pregnant you call and cancel. So now we wait and see if we get to see Dr. Wonderful. In the mean time I made another appointment with a doctor recommended by another friend at the hospital in the town I work. They have a new l/d facility and are affiliated with the big city hospital that I thought I would want. So if I need to go to town due to complications then my Dr. can still see me.

My first appointment is next week. If I don't like them I can always go back to the midwives or perhaps Dr. Wonderful will want to be my doctor after all.


Shazam! said...

Did my wife just infer that I had small boobs???

cmd said...

I think maybe she did Shazam ;o)

Who knew how competitive it would be to get in with a good OB? Crazy! Glad you are feeling pretty good overall SSG.

~Jess said...

Congratulations to both of you on your pregnancy!! To a Happy and Healthy 9 Months.

I hope things work out with Dr. Wonderful...she sounds just that, wonderful! I go back and forth between the precautions of a Dr, and the natural methods of a midwife: I completely understand your thoughts on that.

SSG thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm cautiously optimistic :-)

Anonymous said...

Just found you from your comment on Jess's blog and came over to say congrats on the poppy-/sesame seed! I'm also trying to get pregnant via DI, and am currently 2 days into the 2ww on cycle #5. So it's awesome to hear that people do, in fact, get pregnant this way! Best wishes to you both.