Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Poppy Seed? Sesame Seed?

There seems to be a seed confusion in SSG's uterus. There are endless due date trackers out there on-line and when SSG originally punched in numbers she was told she is in week 4 which would mean Baby X is the size of a mere poppy seed.  Well after some discussion, using different trackers, and looking at a calendar we're thinking she's actually in week 5 and therefore we've bumped up to a sesame seed! We are also thinking this is indeed week 5 because of when the doctor's office made appointments, which are 1/21 (week 6) and another in week 8.  Ok so a poppy seed to a sesame seed isn't a HUGE difference but for me the further along we are the more I can relax.  

Also to update everyone, SSG is feeling great (minus the very sore boobs), putting some yummy nutritious food in her body, and overall doing a fantastic job of nurturing our sesame seed! 


Snickollet said...

Woo! Sesame seed status!

R said...

So excited for ya! CONGRATS!!!!