Friday, January 2, 2009


So I think Shazam is doing a better job at waiting than I am. I have begun my monthly ritual of obsessively reading human embryology information on the web. I think if I read enough I can some how interpret any of the myriad of "symptoms" I am "observing" and determine if I am pregnant or not. Do I have any symptoms?? Not really. I am feeling a little crampy kind of like ovulation pain but lower. Probably just gas...but maybe???? I guess I just need to be patient but I am not doing well with it. It is 7 dpiui today and my period is due on Wednesday. We have not decided when to test, but I would guess we will test before then. We bought some tests tonight when we were at the drug store picking up some other items. When I got home I realized we still have a couple of digitals from the opks in the medicine cabinet so I guess we are really well prepared when the time comes.

So the wait goes on...At least I will have work next week to distract me (frown).