Friday, January 9, 2009

Excited and Cautious

I have yet to blog about the exciting news SSG shared so I thought I'd chime in about my thoughts. First and foremost thank you to all that commented and sent  your congratulations. We both appreciated it.  

Obviously I am walking on air this week and just sooo happy. I'm also in a little bit of shock because it's just so surreal. I, along with SSG, am also being a bit cautious and trying not to get too carried away. We're not naive people. We know it's very early in the process and as SSG read, what is in her uterus is a group of cells the size of a freakin' poppy seed! Crazy. We're thinking positive thoughts but things can happen so we really just want to get through the next 6 weeks or so before we go completely bananas. That is also why we haven't said anything to our families. Plus, I'm not quite sure how my mom is going to handle this news and this makes me nervous, but that is a blog for another time perhaps.

This week has also really put getting pregnant in perspective, more specifically how amazing it truly is when it happens.  So many things need to come together.  I think all too often we hear about people, friends, family about how easy it was or how they are having their second child, third child, etc..  It's not that easy and SSG and I have really felt for the handful of people we know personally that are struggling to get pregnant, both straight and lesbian couples. We know how lucky we are and we don't take that for granted. 

So we're going to keep thinking positive thoughts for our little poppy seed to keep thriving and we're sending positive thoughts to our friends. You will have your own little poppy seeds one day, I can just feel it!


Snickollet said...

Looking forward to celebrating Eggy III tonight!

A said...

You should be excited! Of course you are going to be cautious. Understandable. But let yourself be excited and happy. You will be glad you did. I've read alot lately that some don't want to be happy because there are still us out here who are having difficulties or it just hasn't happened yet. Don't let that stop your joy. I look foward to going through this with you. :)

cmd said...

We are sooooo thrilled for you both! You two will be such wonderful, amazing parents!