Friday, January 30, 2009

Winding Down Week 7

We're winding down Week 7 and Monday will bring Week 8 which apparently is equal to the size of a kidney bean. Every week that goes by brings more excitement and also calm that it seems to be a normal pregnancy. SSG discovered a store, Destination Maternity, that actually offers free prenatal yoga which seems crazy because well, nothing is for free! We like free. They have a class on Saturday mornings so she may try it this weekend. She used to do yoga a lot but it's been a while. I think once she gets back into it she'll really enjoy it.

SSG continues to be completely wiped out, gets queasy, and sometimes barfs. Not every day but it still occurs. She's finding that a lot of sleep and making sure she gets lots of protein seems to make a big difference. This means bed at 8:00. Any later and she's a mess.

Bluebie also has a new safe and roomie set of wheels waiting for her/him. My lease on my Honda CR-V is up and after much number crunching, a few test drives, and discussion SSG and I decided to go a little bigger. We are picking up my new 2009 Toyota Highlander today after work. I've seen the amount of baby gear that people need! Plus add a dog and his gear and well you have a full car. We are anticipating lots of trips to NH and her parent's house with the baby. I'm not by any means saying a mid-size SUV is necessary and people do what they can but for us, this is the car that we were comfortable with. We wanted a super-safe, reliable car and well you can't go wrong with a Toyota or a Honda for that matter. I've seen what happens to small cars when an SUV hits isn't often pretty. Don't hate me because I drive SUVs...I swear I don't hate the earth!

Lastly, the parent front, as in giving them the news. To some I'm sure it's crazy that we have yet to tell them. For me, I wanted to wait until the ultrasound which is a week from today. The plan is to have dinner with my parents next Friday night because they'll be down in MA. I think we will also tell SSG's parents next weekend as well. It will be the very end of week 8, almost week 9 so it seems like a good time. I'm pretty sure all will be excited but there is still a slight worry for me. Telling our parents that we were getting married certainly wasn't met with complete excitement and jubilation initially. They all eventually got on board but it was hard at first to hear that SSG's mom was "disappointed" at first or that my mom didn't quite have the same excitement as when my straight sister got married. Just goes with the territory I suppose but we're hoping for the best.


Snickollet said...

I really hope for both of you that your parents get excited about this from the start. I mean, come on: A GRANDCHILD!!!!

Enjoy that new ride. Can't wait to see it on Monday.

Anonymous said...

We have a Highlander and we looove it! Enjoy. Good luck with the parents, I feel your pain, it can be really hard to deal with their less than thrilled reactions.

cmd said...

I think they will be thrilled.