Monday, April 27, 2009

Half Way Done!

I really can't believe that I am half way done cooking Baby G! Things are progressing well. I have been able to feel Gaby G moving around this past week and Shazam even felt the baby move the other night. I will let her blog about that though. It is really cool to feel movement although it makes me feel a little car sick sometimes. Baby G also seems to prefer my right side. I looked down at my belly the other day and it was totally lopsided. The right side sticking out way more than the left. Crazy huh! I often look down Baby G is over hanging out on the right. We will see if that continues. As for symptoms, my latest is heart burn. I had never had heart burn before. That was until last week and an unfortunate experience with salsa. I have never been so uncomfortable in my life (ok that may not be true but boy did it suck). I began popping tums like candy but have been doing pretty well since then.

We also bought me a Sno.ogle yesterday! It is really just a fancy body pillow but boy do I love my Sno.ogle. I recommend it to anyone. The one drawback is that it is warm but I love the way I could snuggle in and get all comfy so I can deal with the warmth. We had a coupon for Baby Dep.ot so it was a little cheaper. I am sure that Shazam is happy that I am no longer whining about wanting a Sno.ogle.

When we were in the store we also saw the quilt for the crib bedding I really like. Shazam liked it in person too so we have made a decision and now we are definitely getting Car.ter's Elephant stitch for the nursery! They didn't have anything other than the quilt so we are going to order it online so we can get the whole set. I am very excited! Once we have it I think we can pick out some paint and perhaps get the nursery painted at some point (that is if we get it cleaned out).

I also started to write in the baby book last night. This is really good since we are way behind on it. The blog has been really helpful in figuring out the dates of some of the firsts. I am so happy we have been blogging about this whole experience. It is such a great record of the process.

That is it for now. I guess I should include that we had a great time in Puerto Rico. The weather was great and Shazam and I want to go back at some point since we didn't get to do very much (just beach and pool mostly) site seeing. We did buy a woodblock print from a local artist that we both really liked. More on that later.


Snickollet said...

Halfway there. Amazing! Isn't it so cool to feel the baby move?

Glad you had fun in PR. Looking forward to hearing more.

Craving of Motherhood said...

Great that you can feel the baby. K said she "thinks" she is feeling her move, but nothing positive yet. Can't wait till then!