Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We Heart Craig's List

For those not using Craig's List, you should.  There are deals to be found for sure. Yesterday I stumbled upon a Drea.mi bassinet for the Quin.ny Buzz stroller in the color we want. It is brand new, in the box, for HALF of the original cost. I didn't act on it right away because I wanted to check with SSG. Once I brought it to her attention she e-mailed the person with a slightly lower offer. We didn't hear anything and just assumed it was gone. I however shot out an e-mail separately last night to see if it was still available and wouldn't you know I got an e-mail this morning saying it was available. It also appears at the same time SSG got a reply saying she got an offer for full price so she had to go with that offer. Yup, that "other" person was me! One hundred bucks off the original price is great, especially since 1) it's new and 2) baby is due in September so we will have limited time to use the bassinet and it's hard to swallow full price on something you will use for like 3 months. I've arranged to pick it up on Sunday and here is what it looks like:


Elise said...

awesome!! that stroller/bassinet is adorable.
you know i've been trolling craigslist also and there are many deals to be had!

motherwilling said...

Yay! I love Craigslist. That's a great deal and a good point abour bassinets.

Feminist Housewife said...

Great find!!