Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Quin.ny Has Landed

Ok so the bassinet has arrived and I feel that much closer to actually owning a stroller. We went and picked up our craig's list score today after Shazam returned from basketball. We had to pick it up from our seller at the seller's apartment in the South End of Boston. After a fun time trying to park the car the Saturday night in the city we were not looking forward to another 50 minute parking adventure. The parking gods however were with us today and we got a spot a block away from our destination. We arrived at the most beautiful brown stone and met the nicest people. We definitely have house envy but I certainly don't have parking envy. Anyway the bassinet was in it's original box still safely wrapped in the plastic. We happily handed over the money and are the proud owners of piece of our stroller system. These very nice people even told us they would email as more of their gently used infant items needed a new home. Since they are due in a month I have a feeling we will be stocking Baby G's nursery with many lovely items from these nice well off Bostonians. All I have to say is bring it on!!!

We also picked up some more maternity clothes for me. My mother did a great job with buying some basics but many of the items will fit later on in my pregnancy and I needed some more long sleeve shirts to get me through our cool New England spring and some smaller sized summer items to wear in Puerto Rico. I got some good stuff but I must say that I failed in 2 important areas.

Area 1 I need a bathing suit. I just am not feeling a bikini right now. My belly looks pudgy and my boobs are huge. I tried on several suits and found that some styles are just down right horrible on me. One in particular was just plain obscene. The one style I liked was out of my size and while the large didn't fit at all but seemed to be headed in the right direction. I am going to try and find it at another store or order it online. It was the only one that seemed capable of controlling my bazookas at this point. This brings me to my second fashion problem.

Area 2 I need new bras. My current bras are not cutting it anymore. So I decided to get remeasured and pick up some nursing bras to wear. Our fav maternity store woman helped me out and I found out that my pre-pregnancy bust of 34 D has ballooned (literally) to a 38 DD/E. Gulp...and this is before I am nursing! For gods sake I will be having Shazam latch Baby G on to my boobs from another room. Anyway, I tried on several bras with no luck. I just didn't fit into any. Too big on the sides or straps didn't adjust short enough they just didn't work. So I will be taking a trip to La.dy Gra.ce to have the professionals see what they can do. If you have never been to one of these stores it is an adventure. The sales ladies take a real ummm...hands on approach to bra fitting. As embarrassing as this may be the results are always so nice, bras that fit!

I have a four day week this week and and one of the days is a state testing day so really only 3 days of teaching! Yeah baby. Can you tell this teacher needs her spring vacation? A total of 7 teaching days until vacation. I am dreaming of a beach in Puerto Rico and Baby G. Neither can come soon enough!


Feminist Housewife said...

Get thee to La.nds E.nd!! They have a really really great selection of bathing suits with good bust support and cute tankinis that cover a lot (they actually have one that ruches on the side with ties that made me think it would be great for maternity) and all kinds of other mix and match separates. It's fresh in my mind because we got their new catalog this weekend. We always get my wife's swimsuits from them. They can be a little pricey, but so worth it!

Glad to hear the Qu.inny has landed and that the girls are comfy in your new bras!

~Jess said...

I wish I were a teacher, just so that I could have that vacation time. I'm ready for a week off...

I second lands end...I haven't bought a suit from them, but know they are great...lots of support.

Awesome score on the stroller and on their having more stuff soon.

nutella said...

Yay for the Quinny!

Lands End swimsuits are very well made. I know you can get them at Sears, if there's one close to you.

AFM, my boobs are too big to wear anything but a 2 piece and I wore a bikini in Miami when I was 23 weeks pg. I felt confident and sexy by that point, not just pudgy.

Good luck on the bra search, this has been a particular PITA for me, but I wear a very difficult size (34G). hoping the pros can help you.

Craving of Motherhood said...

I totally understand about the swim suit!! I tried a few on the other day, and most of them are all about the BOOBS! They were so low cut that everything was falling out..etc. I'm thinking of ordering a "skirt" bottom from Lands End and keeping the "top" from the maternity store. Good luck!

sasa said...