Friday, April 10, 2009

This and That

I had today off so I did some cleaning, caught up on some laundry, and got my hair cut. We are going out to dinner to celebrate our 1st anniversary. Tomorrow we are off to NH to celebrate Easter with Shazam's family. I am looking forward to the weekend and think it will be a good distraction from the excitement that I am feeling about our ultra sound on Tuesday.

I got a call from Maternal Fetal medicine yesterday with the results of my NT scan and blood tests. All is looking good. I screened negative for neural tube defects and trisomy 18. My risk for down's syndrome is 1:2400 which is good. My age risk was 1:240 due to my age before the screening. So the testing decreased my risk 10 fold. These are numbers that I like. We will talk to the Dr on Tuesday but we are leaning on not getting an amnio since the risk seems so low. This is a big relief!

Baby G received his/her first Easter gift yesterday. My Mom sent Sue and I some Easter candy and in the box was a stuffed piglet for baby g! I had a stuffed piglet as my lovie when I was little so it was so cute that my Mom got one for Baby G!!!
Piglet the 2nd!I love how my Mom is calling the baby Super Baby G...Makes Super Sammy G happy!
Piglet the 2nd with Piglet the 1st. I wonder if Baby G will chew the nose like I did?

We also picked up another outfit last night. We found a super cute gown at Bloomies which was on sale for 11 bucks. I couldn't resist!

I hope every one has a great weekend and Happy Easter if you are celebrating.