Monday, March 30, 2009

Naughty Avocado Indeed!

So as Shazam reported earlier I am home sick. I have had a headache for the past few days but felt better over all. This morning I woke up sick but went to work anyway. I thought I might be having a caffeine headache since I have a half a cup at work but don't drink any on the weekend. So I got to work and drank some coffee. I knew it was a risk but had to try. No go on that. I then tried to eat something. It was close to 10 and I had not eaten anything yet. That really went poorly and I decided that I should call it a day. I drove home willing myself not to hurl (good thing it is a short drive) and threw up several times when I got home. I have eaten a little since then (I am both nauseous and hungry at the same time) I also got some Ty.lenol down so perhaps my headache will go away too. I currently feel like poo on a stick. Darwin has been a little under the weather for the past few days so we are chilling on the couch together. I thought I turned a corner! I guess not so much.

Since I am home I thought I would post the nursery furniture we are digging of late. I think it may be a winner for several reasons:

1. It is modern design
2. Reasonably priced
3. We like the color
4. The crib is drop sided which is good for the height challenged such as myself

We will be getting the crib and the changer dresser combo. I don't think we will need the 5 drawer dresser but who knows.

B.abi Ita.lia Sca.ndi


Feminist Housewife said...

Love the nursery furniture! So many of the modern ones don't have drop sides - good find!

Hope you are feeling better today.

SupersammyG said...

I was fighting the drop side thing for a while since I like the modern design cribs. But I am really short and my Mom is too. Since she will be watching the baby 1 day a week I kind of needed it to be one that we both could use. Now I want to order it and get the bedding.