Thursday, September 25, 2008

another reason to love my wife

So as Shazam told you I didn't get a smiley face on the opk this morning. I was very sad. For the last few months I have, according to fertility friend, ovulating on the cd18(cycle day 18) or cd19. Well, since we were officially starting to try next month I wasn't really paying attention to this cycle. When it came time to start using opks for the month I started using some expired ones from last month. Since we were not trying I was not concerned. Well of course we ordered our spermcicles and I realized that we could possible try this month if I got a positive opk on Thursday or later. So we went out and bought the snazzy digital opks so we would know with more accuracy when I ovulated. I was up on Tuesday night worried that I would see a smiley face on the opk on Wednesday and that the spermcicles would arrive too late to use this month. So I was very happy to announce yesterday morning that there was no smiley face. Fast forward to this morning and I was all ready and waiting for my smiley face. But no luck today either. If it doesn't come tomorrow I think this cycle might be lost. Since we didn't plan on trying this month I shouldn't be disappointed, but honestly I will be. If there is no smiley face on the opk there defintly by a frowny face on me.


Anonymous said...

Don't get discouraged. Fertility.Friend was totally off for my wife--like days early for their expected window. It was so far off that we also thought we had missed it for the first two test runs. On the last trial she decided to just keep checking, and came up with a positive. Keep checking for at least a few more days and see if you're just running a little later than they estimated. Good luck!

Snickollet said...

I'm thinking happy-face thoughts for tomorrow. I'll get the twins on the case, too, and have them wear their awesome new PJs tonight--thank you! Perhaps that will send some Ovulation Mojo your way.