Wednesday, September 24, 2008

En Route!

So 50% of the genetic make up of our possible future children is currently in the mail. The other 50% is quietly waiting in my ovaries. Sperm watch '08 begins. They arrive according to my DHL tracking software by 5 on Thursday. I hope they are comfortable on their trip. I have tracked many things, new shoes, a weather station, a cute dress, but this my friends is very different. I am really worried about the transport. Will they arrive on time and safe. Will they stay cold enough. Will they defrost well and be all perky for their big swim. I have an email update set up so when they move I will know it. You will be happy to know that I did not have them send me a text message of the status of the spermsicles, even I have my limits. So our sperm were in Atlanta as of 10 pm and are now in transit. I assume they are in flight over the Eastern seaboard currently.

As for the other 50% of this genetic enterprise, I should get a positive opk tomorrow. I thought it might be today but thankfully I had no smiley face on the opk this morning. We were planning on waiting until next month but we made the decision on the donor and then bought our "stock" and the timing seems to be just right. If I had tested positive this morning we would have been on schedule to do an IUI on Thursday. Since the spermcicles are not going to be there until late on Thursday I was not quite sure that we would be able to pull off a try this month. Now if I get my smiley face tomorrow we will have an IUI scheduled for Friday! OK now I am getting excited I could be making a baby by the end of the week!


Snickollet said...

I've got my fingers crossed for the smiley face tomorrow. This is so exciting! Baby by the end of the week!

(I would have gone for the text message, by the way. Except that my lame phone doesn't do text messages. How stoopid is that? I need to upgrade.)

SupersammyG said...

We are also very excited! and yes we need to get you a new phone! What will mr coffee think with his iphone and crackberry!

Elise said...

i'm SO excited! did i say that already? well i am!!

you must update frequently b/c i'll be on pins :)