Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who are we anyway?

Ok so since we only have a total of 3 readers of this blog and one of the 3 is me and another is my wife do I really need to introduce the family? Probably not but it seems like it would be a good idea to let our vast readership know the g-a family as it stands now.

The starting line-up...

Super Sammy G-

Super Sammy is a 8th grade science teacher by day and a super hero by night. Ok not so much but she does star in her own tv show at school where she can fly. In her spare time she enjoys looking at baby gear, cooking and playing with her naughty pets. Her other names include but are not limited to lolo and pigpen.


Shazam is a project manager for a publishing co. In her spare time she enjoys throwing a ball in a basket and slogging (look for it in the next Olympics in London!). She also knows that her wife is crazy and still loves her (which I think is great). She is also know as lala.


Darwin is a beagle and named after the ship (the HMS Beagle) that good old Chuck Darwin sailed around the world while collecting evidence for the Theory of Evolution. He is an old man and has a nasty habit of having very expensive medical crises. When not napping on the couch he enjoys fetching sticks at the lake and chasing his sister around the house. He is also known as woobie and old man woobie.


Drew is the cat that super sammy g had to have and the cat shazam was not all that excited about. She is also the cat that only really likes Shazam. When not attacking our ankles Drew enjoys racing around the apartment, batting toy mice and keeping her mothers up all night by attacking feet and scratching on the side of the mattress. She is also known as weebie and devil cat.

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