Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who would have known it.

I think that my wife is a better blogger than I am. While I started the blog Shazam has certainly taken to blogging and I am so glad that she has. Since this blog is now about expanding our little family I think it is important to get the full story from both the mommies.


Since we are in a holding pattern for the next 30 days we have been nesting like crazy. To date we have organized the bathroom cabinet, bought a new hallway cabinet and desk, cleaned out the closet in the extra bedroom and cleaned out our extra clothes and put away our summer clothes. While this is some good progress we still need to tackle the front hall closet and the storage in the laundry room. Shazam has also started a very large project that will probably take up until the birth of our first child to complete...the organization of her sports card collection. When we started dating I soon found out that Shazam collected cards. I thought it was cute and often picked up a pack or two as a small gift. It was not until we were moving in together that I learned the full extent of Shazams collection. There are thousands of cards in the collection. So in preparation of turning the crap room into a nursery we need to find a better way to store the cards. So Shazam has started the sorting and culling process. So more than any of our other projects we have started thus far. This one feels like we are getting closer to switching the crap room into the nursery of our dreams. Perhaps this collection will pay for baby X's college education.


Snickollet said...

I am holding out hope that John's extensive comic book collection will put the twins through college. Lord knows my salary isn't going to cut it!

Good work on the nesting. If you get yourselves totally organized and still feel the Need to Nest, I have a lot of projects awaiting attention at Casa Kim . . . I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Good work on the nesting ladies!