Monday, September 29, 2008


This seems to be the season for beginnings with our friends of late and I guess for us too. This whole process of making our family grow has gotten me really thinking about how great it is that as humans we get to start over again in big and in small ways every day, every season, every year.

Our good friend Jen is just beginning a new chapter in her life today. It is her Birthday which is exciting but even more exciting is that she went to court today to sign her divorce papers. While many might think that may be the worst way to spend her birthday it does allow her to have a fresh start for her new year and one that she truly deserves. So it is the end of manipulation, abuse, thievery and the fear. So Jen gets to begin again with the all the possibilities that she can imagine. She is stronger than she ever thought she could be and in the end she won because she gets to begin her new life knowing that she always stayed true to who she is deep down in her soul. So cheers to you Jen and for everyone who is brave enough to begin again.

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Anonymous said...

Love your optimistic blogging.
Glad your friend Jen is getting a new start. I got a divorce this summer after my hetero fake as hell marriage being emotionally over for about 2 years. It felt so good to finally be done with it all!