Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two Determined Chicks

So as my wife stated in the previous posting the spermcicles are in route. Last I heard they were in Ohio.  I've been very busy at work but I can't keep my mind from drifting to everything that is happening and everything that will potentially happen!  It seems to be all be coming quickly and I then realized this is pretty typical of us.  When it comes to us and our relationship from day one we've jumped in feet first and haven't looked back.  I wouldn't have it any other way and I truly believe it's the best way to live.  Life's too short and unpredictable.  Here is the Shazam/Super Sammy G timeline:

June 2006:  First date 
November 2006: Moved in together
July 2007:  Engaged
April 2008: Married
September 2008:  Spermicles approaching MA for IUI!

We're not fucking around here people.  When we are determined, we pretty much go for it.  I think overall we're cautiously optimistic about the potential IUI.  It may work the first time, it may not.  I do know we'll just keep on trying if it doesn't!  

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Snickollet said...

I know we've talked about this, but your timeline and my timeline with John are pretty much identical. John and I waited longer to go for the kiddos, but that was mostly because of other things getting in the way. But the first date to moving in to getting engaged to getting married stuff? We are of like minds. No wonder we get along so well!