Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ok, now THAT freaked me out...

So now that there won’t be any baby-making talk for a little while, I’m sorry to say all of our 3 readers will need to listen to my babble about whatever. Though I think that is what blogging is right?

You know how you have those moments in life when something happens that make you appreciate what you have? Well I had one of those moments today. Don’t worry, nothing bad happened but boy did it scare the crap out of me! SSG and I were in bed this morning and I was trying to get my lazy ass out of bed to go play basketball. As we were lying there in our sleepy state a very loud alarm went off in the apartment. We hopped out of bed and realized it was the carbon monoxide detector going off. SSG pulled it out of the wall to check it out and to make it stop. It was then that we realized it was also an “explosive gas” detector. Explosive gas??!! As in my apartment could blow up??! It was a bit unsettling as you can imagine. We opened windows and checked things out. We didn’t smell anything so I got ready to go. I didn’t feel all that comfortable leaving my family 15 minutes after an explosive gas was sensed, but SSG didn’t seem worried so off I went…of course not before I made sure she knew how much I loved her. I’m not someing that makes everything a catastrophe by any means but bad shit happens. It’s not cynical, it’s just honest and well, true.

As I drove to play basketball all I kept thinking about was how good I had it. I have a great marriage and have someone that loves me unconditionally. I come home every day from work and every single time she’s excited to see me. I felt grateful. Now as someone who for whatever reason feels the need to put on a tough façade, being mushy isn’t always easy. SSG makes me sappy and I’m okay with that. She makes me feel like I don’t have to be this stoic, tough person ALL of the time.

I played, drove home, and was so happy to see my wife in kitchen making stew (yum!), Darwin the hound at her feet in case any scraps fell, and Drew the Devil kitty on top of the kitchen cabinets supervising from above.


Snickollet said...

Explosive gas? Seriously? That is crazy.

We all need someone to bring out our Inner Sap. Glad that SSG can do it for you.

Anonymous said...

So glad you have such a wonderful wife who turns you into mush!