Saturday, September 6, 2008

Moving right along...

Tomorrow is the big day. Sue and I go for our first meeting with the midwife. It is just a meet and greet and if we like her we will set up another appointment. Since we plan on starting inseminating in October we really need to get going so that we are ready. If we move forward with using the AIGB then we will make an appointment where we really get a plan and go over my health history ect.

Next on the list is making a choice for a donor and having a back up list. This is exciting, fun and really odd at the same time. While you try not to concentrate on looks it is hard. There is so much to choose from so you have to hang your hat on something. If you go by family health then you really don't have much difference between donors. Everyone seems to have heart disease and cancer and hell if Sue and I could combine our genetics to make a child as we would if we weren't two chicks then our child would have plenty of bad health genes from either of us. So I guess if we want our child to be like us we should choose someone with similar family health profiles. I guess we have are going with height (we need some tall genes to counter act my short ones) blue eyes (so our kids have some chance of blue eyes like Sue) and athletic ability (once again to counter act my inability to throw a ball). So all we need to do is find a tall, blue eyed jock donor with swimmers to sell. Wish us luck.

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