Sunday, November 14, 2010


Little E's fever finally broke on Friday night, her gastro issues have resolved for the most part and it seems that we are on the mend. Other than sleeping horribly for the last few nights and an awful diaper rash she seems to be much better. Little E is generally a great sleeper. Our night time routine is that we put E in her pajamas, give her bun bun, pop in her paci, kiss her good night and put her in the crib between 6:30 and 7 pm. She usually flips on to her tummy and we don't hear from her again until 7-7:30 am. I forget how great this is until E does not go down well or stay down. The last few night E has been up several times a night hysterically crying. This is very unusual for her. She is generally a happy baby and easily soothed. So when E was waking up and could not be soothed it was very upsetting for all involved. We knew it wasn't her ears (checked by the doctor) so we assumed that her poor little tummy was still bothering her or her bum hurt. We are pretty sure it was neither of these things since she woke up to four molars starting to peek through her gums. Poor little dear has been in pain from teething. I feel stupid for not checking that out but in my defense E has been so slow to get teeth it just hasn't been on my radar. At 16 months E has only four teeth. So in just a few days it seems E is doubling her teeth! No wonder she has been a bit punky. So here is the strange thing. From what I can tell it seems that she is getting her first molars. Which according to doctor google seems to be the third set of teeth to come in. She has her top and bottom incisors but has not cut her lateral incisors. I know it is not totally out of the norm to get teeth out of order but I think she is going to look like a jack o lantern with her strange gaps between her teeth.

She has already woken up once tonight. Let's hope she gets these teeth in sooner rather than later. She is a sad sack when they are coming in. Anyone else have a baby get teeth in a strange order and in spurts?

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Anonymous said...

Poor E! PBS was a slow starter but then got a bunch in rapid succession. She went in order more or less but the crying, the rashes, oh the crying. It's not fun. I hope she gets some relief soon.