Monday, November 15, 2010


A few weeks ago at Little E's doctor's appointment I spotted a project in a magazine that I thought would be fun to do. I am limited in skills but I thought that I could handle a felt cornucopia. I found the pattern online, bought my felt, and set to work. After a couple of evenings of work I finished E's Thanksgiving cornucopia toy. I ended up making the cornucopia and 11 fruits and veggies. Here are some shot of my handy work.
Finished Cornucopia
Close up of the filled cornucopia
Veggies and Fruits
The Back of the Cornucopia

Veggie Close up
My thoughts are that she can play with it while we are waiting for dinner. She loves to take stuff in and out of containers so I think she will have fun moving her vegetables and fruits in and out of the cornucopia. I also think it will be fun teaching E her fruits and veggies with her new toy. I must say I am pretty impressed with my work and can't wait to give it to Little E on Thanksgiving.

I have a few more craft projects in the works for the upcoming holiday season and am excited to get started on my next project. I would like to make E another Thanksgiving toy. We are going to VT for the holiday to the farm my father grew up on. I was thinking of making a felt farm story board/quiet book but have yet to find a pattern that I like or have the skill to make. I would like to do a modified version of the farm below. I would want to have felt animals though.

The other project that I would like to start is an advent calendar like this one.

So does anyone have any craft projects this holiday season? Links to help me with my farm project?


Elise said...

That came out awesome!! Where can I place my order?

SupersammyG said...

oh you are more crafty than I am! I am sure you could whip one up in the half the time it took me to do it!

Emily said...

so cute!! Did you do that by hand or machine?

tinshee said...

Have you checked out ikatbag for other ideas? She has so many!!!

SupersammyG said...

Emily it was all hand sewing

wishinghopingpraying said...

How did I miss this?!?! That is gorgeous. I want one! I want one! Great job :-)