Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 2

See I made it back for another post...I am so proud.

So as you can see I changed the blog around a bit (unless you are reading via google reader). How do you like the new Fall theme? I guess that means come the end of this month I will have to switch it up again though. What do you think about the little check boxes after each post? I guess you can tell me by clicking!

Today we had our professional photo shoot. It was great as usual. Our photographer is so fabulous. I really do love her. She has such good energy and umm she is pretty easy on the eyes! It was a cold morning here in New England and we woke to the first hard frost on the ground. But we are hardy Newglanders so off we went to take our pictures in a park. Good thing there is photo shop because I think she may need to fix poor Little E's red nose! I have been wanting professional photos done pretty much since we got the pictures from the last photo shoot back. I have been really pushing for it since E's first birthday though. I was all hot on the idea but it just seemed like too much of an expense at the time. Last years photos were taken around the same time and it was interesting how different this session was. Little E was a trooper and was in a very good mood for about an hour. Not bad for being outside in the upper 30s. I am going to guess that we have some really great shots and am looking forward to seeing them. We were told it will be three weeks to get our edited images. I am dying to see at least one. I may start bugging her for a teaser to hold me over.

Since I didn't post a Halloween picture yet here is my little kitty!

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Anonymous said...

That is one cute kitty! I hope your pics come our great :-)