Monday, November 8, 2010


So Little E had another fever tonight. Just 101.2 but still a fever. She was lethargic and pretty much laid on my lap all evening. I hate to see her sick. I hate it more when it is some random fever and malaise. I can deal with snot but the not knowing what is going on just plain sucks. My mom is coming tomorrow to take care of E. I feel bad but I just can't take off work anymore. It just is not a job that I can call in sick to. Well I can but it just stinks. Anyway we are so lucky that my mom can come and help us out...again. We are pretty much on an every other week sick cycle. I am sure that we will get through this one too but sick cranky clingy girl is not who I like to hang out with.

I am kind of wondering if she is getting teeth. I mean she is bound to get another few at some point. Have I mentioned that she will be 15 months old in 2 days and has 4 teeth? It looks like the eye teeth on the bottom are coming in. I know some kids run a low fever and have stomach upset when they teeth. E has pooped more than usual today (not really diarrhea but not normal either) and her poor bum is all red. I am rooting for those darn teeth I really don't want another virus.

I am braced for a difficult night with lots of up and down. I gave her some mot.rin for the fever and it went right down. Now let's hope she sleeps it off and wakes up to some new teeth. She will look like a little vampire though since she will have a space between her middle two bottom teeth and her little eye teeth (fangs). Is this normal to get teeth in a strange order and not next to one another?


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor thing! I don't know about normal in terms of order, but I have heard it's really normal for the eyeteeth to give them more discomfort than the others. I can't say from experience, though, our guy doesn't have many teeth yet either. I hope everyone feels better and gets a good night's sleep!

Anonymous said...

PBS always gets a terrible diaper rash when new teeth are working their way in, especially with some of the first teeth. She often had a fever too. I hope that's all it is and she feels better soon. It's awful to see them unhappy and uncomfortable.

Kennedy said...

Annie also gets horrible red bum when she is teething. She has her four top and bottom, first molars top and bottom and is working on her eye teeth now. The eye teeth so far have been the WORST ones as far as problems for her. She is pretty miserable from them. Hope Ella feels better soon

K said...

Poor baby and poor mamas. I hope both of our E's are on the mend ASAP.