Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Recap

We had a great time celebrating Halloween this year. While E still doesn't really get it I think she enjoyed wearing her costume and "carving" a pumpkin. Friday her daycare celebrated the holiday with wearing costumes for the day and a party for the families at night. We are really lucky with the daycare we found and I know that Anjelica, her mother Violetta and the other daycare providers really love E and that she is well cared for. The party was really fun and a great time to get to know some of the other families at daycare. Anjelica and Violetta cooked up a Chilean feast and it was so cute to see all the kids at the table eating away enjoying each other's company. I must say it is really funny to see E sitting at a table like a big kid.

Sunday we carved a pumpkin. I planned on Shazam, E and I carving all three pumpkins that I purchased but I found out that my dear wife doesn't like carving pumpkins and finds the inside of the pumpkin gross. So E and I carved one pumpkin and called it a day. Ella wore her costume, we snapped some photos and that was pretty much our Halloween celebration. I had her in her costume to hand out candy for the trick or treaters but... she melted down and went to bed before the first ones showed up at our doorstep. Our sneaky little girl did try to steal some candy out of the bowl however before going to bed.

Tomorrow I am taking a personal day so that we can take our family pictures. It is going to be a little nippy but I am hoping that we get some good shots. Our wedding photographer is taking the pictures and we love her work so I am sure we will get some great photos. She came to our apartment shortly after E came home from the hospital last year and we love the photos she took. In fact she took some pictures of Darwin that day that I absolutely love. I need to go and get our outfits ready for tomorrow.

See I did my 2 posts and now I am caught up! Go me!

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K said...

Oooh, family pictures. Fun! We haven't had any taken (except the cheesy Christmas studio shot) since E was done and I'm itching to get some. Can't wait to see how they turn out!