Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good Appointment

We just got back from our appointment and all is well with baby g and mama g. We got to meet our Dr. today which was nice since she was at a delivery last time. The funny thing is that she was running late because of a delivery today. We booked our next appointment for a day which she is not on call. It was a quick appointment. I don't really have any questions. Should I? I feel kind of bad but I feel like all is progressing normally. Perhaps I will have some questions next time. We heard the baby's heartbeat again. It is so cool. I must say it was much louder this time an the Dr had no problem finding it. I really liked Dr D she is young and fun and looks like a great person to deliver my baby. I hope she does. We have our next appointment in 5 weeks so that we can get our ultrasound done the same day as our appointment. I can't wait to see how much baby g has changed and grown by then. I will be 18 weeks so cool. It is 2 days after our anniversary. Not a bad present I would say. The week after we are off to PR for the baby moon.

On mama health notes I am glad to say my pee stick was normal, my blood pressure low, and surprise surprise my weight exactly the same as when I was there a month ago. I know I will be gaining weight and I am alright with it. I just am dreading the scale a little. I am the heaviest I have ever been and was hoping that I would have gotten back to a lower weight before I got pregnant. But that didn't happen. So when I went for my first ob appointment at 8 weeks I was 139. I have never topped 140 so I was expecting and dreading them having to move that darned 10lb weight over to the 140 this time. I know I will be gaining 25-30 lbs I know it is normal and healthy. I just think those 10lb jumps are the hardest. So I was surprised to see 139 on the scale again (138.8 if you want to be exact since it was a digital). I guess that is what happens when you throw up half of what you eat. I know next month I will be over 140 but maybe by then when I have my cute baby bump it won't be as bad.


cmd said...

Glad to hear everything went so well!

Feminist Housewife said...

Glad to hear your appointment went well and that you liked the doctor!