Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy, Busy!

Knowing SSG absolutely felt craptastic on Friday during the day, I decided to stop by Trader.Joe's and load up with every freakin frozen fruit possible, as well as other ingredients, to make some healthy smoothies. A good friend of mine said it may help SSG feel better. Something about the coldness. I got home and she looked much better than I expected. Clearly the 2 1/2 hour nap helped. I whipped up a pineapple/raspberry/banana smoothie which she drank right up. I'm now officially the smoothie maker and I have a feeling I'll be making a lot of them!

So on to the weekend which was quite busy. SSG woke up on Saturday feeling 100% better and off to prenatal yoga we went. I sat in my usual "dad" area in the store, drinking my coffee, and watching TV. We then had to go get a gift for the daughter of SSG's best friend and made some stops on the way. We got home, soon to discover I accidentally shut my cat in the front closet and she was there for oh 4-5 hours. I felt horrible! She looked a little pissed...oh wait, she a cat, she looks pissed most of the time. We then spent our Saturday evening celebrating our friend's daughter's 1st birthday. We had a  lot of fun and smartly left at a reasonable time.

On to Sunday....I played basketball Sunday morning while SSG chilled but when I got home and showered it was off to go mattress shopping. Currently we have a full size bed and well, it's too small now and with SSG only getting larger over the next 6 months it was time to move up to a queen. Ok I don't know if anyone has gone mattress shopping but it's quite the ordeal. First of all you feel like a complete idiot in the middle of the store lying side-by-side on a mattress with the sales person looking at you. It's just odd. We started at Jor.dan's Funiture, found a bed we liked, but thought we could do better price wise. Here's the tricky part. Every mattress store names their mattress models different. They all have generally the same brands but they call them different things. What the hell is that all about? After a little driving around and looking we found a queen set for like $700 off! We spent a little more than we wanted but I don't think you can skimp on a mattress. I mean we're talking sleep! The mattress is actually coming tomorrow so we're excited.

The day also entailed going to a large baby furniture store that also has strollers. We walked through the entire huge store and saw NOTHING we liked. We don't like very traditional furniture and it was all pretty much that. We also aren't fans of the convertible cribs because one side of the crib is taller. It looks strange to us and it limits to how you can place the crib. We're looking for something more modern so it may be an on-line purchase for us. For those of you that don't know, SSG is obsessed with strollers. I mean the woman has been researching for months if not like a year. She's made the rounds with all the brands but in the store we saw the Quin.ny Buzz. We both like the looks of it, the weight, and the Ma.xi-cosi car seats fit in them. So that's our front-runner...for now.

Overall busy weekend, but a fun one. We can now officially say SSG is in her 14th week and apparently Baby G is the size of a lemon! 



Snickollet said...

I'm glad the smoothie was a hit! Go, smoothies!

Baby G is already lemon-sized?! So cool.

Oh, and congrats on the mattress purchase. Sleep, sweet sleep . . .

Wait, one last thing: Did you go to Baby Furniture Warehouse? I really liked them a lot.

Shazam! said...

Is it the place in Reading? If so that is where we went and hated the cribs! I guess we're picky though I do forsee us getting a stroller there.

Anonymous said...

Consider Craigslist for strollers. For modern cribs, Walmart actually has a line called Baby Mod that is surprisingly well made and attractive. Good luck!

SupersammyG said...

we actually really like the baby .mod by wal.mart. That is def. in the running.

Feminist Housewife said...

Wow, the size of a lemon already?! It seems to be going by so fast!

Enjoy your new mattress!