Monday, March 30, 2009

Naughty Avocado!

Overall SSG is feeling much better but she seems to have had a setback today. I just got a call from her to say she's going home because she's been throwing up all morning while at school. SSG never takes time off when she's sick or leaves so you know she is feeling horrible. The crazy thing is she had a great weekend and overall feeling much better. The little avocado (size of Baby G in week 16) seems to be teasing SSG a bit. (sigh) I thought we had rounded the corner but I guess it was a bit premature or SSG will unfortunately be one of those women that are sick throughout the pregnancy. Poor thing.

This past weekend seemed to be filled with lots of activities with a 3 hour nap thrown in on Saturday and another nap thrown in on Sunday. SSG actually went on a school trip to Fox.woods on Friday after school while I was in my hometown trying to relive my youth, playing in a HS alumni basketball game. We both had a great time, SSG game back with an extra $100, and we both got in really late...hence the 3 hour nap on Saturday. The rest of the weekend we did a lot of crap clean out and organizing. Yes, it still continues. We made great progress, with a big load of trash and a load to go to Goo.dwill to show for it. We're getting there! I have no clue at what point people get their nursery all ready but I suppose it's personal preference. We have plenty of time and at least for me, I am being a bit cautious I guess. We have an OB appointment/ultrasound on April 14th so I would prefer to make sure everything is still going okay to really proceed with painting, getting furniture, etc.. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend! 

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Snickollet said...

Poor SSG! She must really be feeling awful if she's headed home. Bummer. Feel better!