Monday, March 2, 2009

Stupid Snow Day

So both Shazam and I are home from work today for a snow day. I'll take a bonus snow day (even if it means I will now be in school until the 24th of June!) Unfortunatly our NT scan for today was canceled and I don't know when it will be rescheduled. They offered a Wednesday afternoon appointment but I can't do it because of my nanny job. I really wanted to get it over with and find out if we would need to get the amnio. I am week 12 and the last day they can do the scan is week 13 day 6 so that is cutting this a bit close. Hopefully I will get a call back soon so I can figure out how I will need to adjust my week. I have a feeling I will be missing some school to get this done. To top it off it is 9 am and it has totally stopped snowing. Did they really need to cancel my appointment. I mean really we live in New England. It snows here we should be used to this but maybe it is worse on the roads I can see. I am trying to enjoy my day off with my wife. But I want them to call so I know when I will get to see the little lime! I am hoping that it looks more like a baby and less like a blob this time.


Strawberry said...

Sorry your scan got cancelled. I'm sure they will find another time for you though...they know how important the scan is. We scheduled ours for 13 weeks 4 days and saw a beautiful tiny baby in there- the more towards the end it is, the more you will see. Hang in there!

Feminist Housewife said...

Oh no! So sorry that this takes away from the fun of a snow day together :-(