Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Telling the Kids

So I decided to tell the kids about the pregnancy yesterday. It was fun and I gave them the riddle below to solve. Most kids were very excited. Many wanted us to name the child after them. One in particular wanted me to name the baby Oliver so his initials will be O.G. (oh gee!) Oh 13 year-olds they are a funny bunch. Some didn't get the riddle and I have some kids that are asking today if I am pregnant. Oh the slow to love them too! I am pretty proud of my riddle! Can you solve it??

Answer the following questions to solve the riddle. Use the elements chemical symbol to spell out the answer to the question.

What is the big secret?

1. What element has the atomic number of 72.64?

2. What element is also an American coin?

3. What element has 68 electrons?

4. What element has 0 neutrons?

5. What element has 33 protons?

6. What element 81 neutrons?

7. What element has an atomic mass of 10.81?

8. What element has an atomic number of 39?

9. What element has 49 electrons

10. What element do we fill balloons with?

11. What element has 99 neutrons?

12. What element has an atomic mass of 9.012?

13. What element has 3 protons?


Strawberry said...

That's awesome, but it makes my brain hurt.

SupersammyG said...

It kind of made my brain hurt making it! It says Genier has baby in her beli! You would be amazed some of my kids got it in under 5 minutes...smarty pants!

Shazam! said...

Don't worry blog will NOT be graded. :o)

Elise said...

such a cute idea! i love it :)