Friday, March 13, 2009

You Know You Made a Good Decision When...

....your own primary care physician picked the same OB group and hospital as you! I had the dreaded 'nether region' appointment where you get close and personal with your doctor yesterday and wouldn't you know I walk in and there is my doctor looking all cute and preggers! Ironically we were at the OB office the same day she was a while back and someone said to her, "Hey we just had two of your patients in here." She put it together and there you have it. She's due like a month before us and she's having twins. Of course I'm thinking about if she's coming back to work. Horrible but I absolutely LOVE my doctor and if you have a good GP you have to hang on to them! Good news is she is  eventually. So anyway, after I told SSG of this crazy news we both agreed that we made a fantastic decision. The heck with Dr. Wonderful.

Ok, on to this whole "corner" that everyone keeps freakin' talking about, that SSG is supposed to turn any day now. Not so much. Despite having a good dinner and going to bed early SSG is rough shape today. She threw up this morning and according to her e-mails she feels beyond horrible. The plan is to get her to bed ASAP tonight. I'm going to stop on my way home and get some ingredients to make some good smoothies for her. We'll see if that does the trick but I suspect a good night sleep is more of what she needs.

As far as the weekend goes, we have some plans to go to her best friend's house in the evening as it's her daughter's 1st birthday. Should be fun and hope SSG feels okay and is up for it. Then on Sunday we are going to look at mattresses, perhaps buy one, and we're going to a baby furniture store to look around. Should be fun! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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