Sunday, March 22, 2009


So my Mom volunteered to take me shopping for some maternity clothes. So off to the mall we went. Our first stop was The G.ap. It went really well. I got three pairs of pants and about 5 tops. I need to get 2 of the pants shortened but that is what one gets for being a short girl. We went to J.C pen.ny and picked up another shirt and a sweater. We finished at Ko.hls with three pairs of pants and a couple of shirts. I am very happy with my new duds and I am sure people will be happy not to see me in the same one pair of maternity jeans I have been wearing every other day. I will post pictures as soon as Shazam gets home. I think I look quite cute!

On other notes we are loving the new bed. So roomy, it was definitely the right decision. I finally figured out how to get the baby book open so we could take the daddy pages out and put our two mommy pages in. We also bought the pregnancy pages and some additional pages to add. Now we need to start actually writing in the darn thing. Being the second child my baby book is a bit sparse although my Mom commented today that she actually is surprised that there was as much in there as there was. Thanks Mom! It does have my weights to age 6 which were crazy. I started at 5 lbs 2 oz, left the hospital at 4 lbs 12 oz and topped off at 30 lbs at age 6! Yes I think I would have been in my infant car seat in the first grade! I was a wee one that is for sure! I am hoping that our baby is a bit bigger although childbirth may be a bit more pleasant with a wee one. I guess that may be why my Mom says that natural childbirth is fun.

On another note I see that some bloggers take questions from their readers. Anyone with a burning question for either Shazam and I? Feel free to ask.

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Craving of Motherhood said...

Just came upon your blog. My partner and I are very close to your due date. Congrats to you both!