Friday, March 20, 2009

Lazy Blogger

I feel like I have been slacking on my blogging duties. Sorry folks.

The big news of today is that our new mattress is in our bedroom. I am very excited about our first night and whether or not we will notice the increased space. Looks great and since we don't have a head board or foot board I don't think it really takes up much more space in the room. So now we can all stretch out and sleep more comfortably.

Since I am starting to show and so many people at school know about the pregnancy, I thought it was time to talk to my principal about next year. It went surprisingly well. My principal (I will call her G) is known for her inappropriate comments and reactions to people when they share they are pregnant. Last year my friend told G that she was pregnant and the first thing she said was, "Well that is bad timing I wish it was for a different month since I will have to try to hire someone in the summer." This year when a teacher returned after miscarrying 2 of her triplets G asked the poor grieving woman if she was still considered high risk and whether she would need to miss any school. She never even offered her condolences. So I went into my meeting prepared for some asinine comment. I was kind of hoping that she would ask who the father was. I was so ready to list several male colleagues and tell her we were waiting to see what the baby looked like to see which one it was. Unfortunately she actually said she was happy for me. She did then tell me it would be difficult to find a sub and that my timing could have been better. At least she said congrats first though.

Other than letting her know that I would be out on maternity leave for 12 weeks this coming fall I also wanted to see what she thought about starting the year. Since I am due 9/14 I was kind of dreading having to come back and start the year. I work on the third floor and the thought of going up and down for fire drills and escorting my students to assemblies was making me feel tired and my feet hurt. Mine is not a job that you can sit down and lay low. Anyway after looking at the calender G thought it would be best if I didn't start the year in the fall. We called HR and found out that I just need to get a Drs note saying I can't work and I can use sick days up to my due date since I have over 70 of them (they roll over every year and I rarely take sick days).  It is great since I won't have to drag myself in to school to set up my classroom and work for a week or two. Also my sub will be able to start with the new teachers and get oriented and can start off on the right foot. So I will be out until mid December unless we decide that I should take more time so that I don't have to go back until after Christmas break. Shazam needs to crunch some numbers and see what we can swing. It also means that I only have 60 days of work until I am on my extended break of my summer vacation and maternity leave. This adds up to almost 6 months. Wow as I write that I know people will kind of hate me. I am sure that by June I will be very ready to be off my feet.

I have left a message for daycare provider #2 since she never called me back. I hope she lets me know there is a spot for Baby G. If no,t we will be going with daycare #1. Keep your fingers crossed on that one since provided #2 is cheaper and it was our first choice.

I am looking forward to this weekend. I can sleep in late tomorrow since I didn't get into my yoga class this week. I am also going maternity clothes shopping on Sunday with my Mom which should be fun and is very needed since I have been wearing my one pair of maternity jeans almost every day. I have lots of school work to get done this weekend so tomorrow I need to be productive. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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~Jess said...

I know I hate you ;-) (kidding) I just told DH that I need to go be a teacher at your school. I'll be lucky if I get off 8 weeks. I'm desperately hoping my boss will be awesome and not make me come back until after the holidays.

Here's to 60days!!! WOOOHOOO! so jealous.