Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well I need to get my blog entry in before Thursday is over. This is going to be short because someone is cranky but will not go to sleep. Shazam is on duty right now so I will make it short and sweet.

So I may not be getting Mom of the year this year. Tonight Ella was cranky before dinner so I thought I would put little E in her swing. She doesn't generally love it but I really wanted to sit down and I really wanted to be able to sit down to dinner and not hand a baby back and forth when one of us needed to cut our chicken. Since the swing is in the living room and little E could see the tv I decided that she shouldn't watch Law and Order. Instead of turning the tv off like the mother of the year would have I actually went to the on demand part of the tv and put on a kids show for her! Yup the child is not even 4 months old and I have her watching tv and guess what she loved the show I picked for her. It was a strange 14 min little story with very little dialog about a boy, his dog and a frog. They all go out to the park and the frog escapes and it is quite cute. There is really nice classical music and Ella sat watching her show and we got to eat in peace. So yeah I am that mom who lets her kid watch tv. Judge you all you want but any port in a storm I tell you any port in a storm.
Now I need to go and rescue Shazam as little E is not settling down and I think my shift is starting.

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