Monday, November 2, 2009

So I decided that I should try and do NaBloPoMo. In reality since I skipped yesterday I have already failed but since I posted late on the 31st I am going to count that. I also think that if I post twice in one day over the month it makes up for it. I will try to get some of the posts that have been swimming in my head for the last few months into the blog and try not to rely on picture posts to fill in my days. I am sure I will resort to that at some point though! I wonder if saying you are doing NaBloPoMo counts as an actual post...That totally seems like cheating but hell if I can not get to another post today I am going to count it. That is it for now. Must come up with witty blog posts for the rest of the month. Requests will be taken. Anything you want to know about?


Anonymous said...

You know, since Shazam! posted on the blog yesterday, technically you didn't miss a day. ;-) Also, for the record, I totally think picture posts count!

How about writing about how you two met? ...or did you do that already and I missed it? What made you decide to become a teacher? Or your favorite memory from when you were a kid. Or what you most look forward to doing with Little E. How about your biggest fear? What do you want to do when you retire? Oh, and your favorite thing about Shazam!


Snickollet said...

I love to read about your days with Ella, what she's doing, how you and Shazam are both feeling. I just miss you guys, and it makes me feel more connected to read about the day to day.