Thursday, November 19, 2009

This Blogging Everyday Thing Is Hard!

So I think we have done pretty well on posting everyday (I think I missed a day and Shazam missed a day) but darn it all it is hard to think of something in the least bit interesting when my day consists of pretty much the exact replica of the day before. Baby cries, baby eats, baby poops, baby smiles. I mean it doesn't get old around here but who the hell wants to read about that?

Yesterday I did make it out of the house! I went with Shazam on her first day of the nanny job to show her the ropes. It was nice to see the family again. Today Shazam went by herself and I think she did great. It is strange for her to be doing the job and not me but I am more than happy to stay home with the baby so she can make some cash.
I tried on Ella's Thanksgiving outfit tonight and she looked so cute. It is a cute brown corduroy jumper with bunnies with a matching undershirt with bunnies on the collar. I wish she had some shoes to go with it but her feet are so small. But she has the cutest tights to match so I am sure she will look cute! Oh how I love dressing my little girl up! It is so much fun!

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