Friday, November 13, 2009

I'll Take What I Can Get

An interesting development popped up last night that I just had to jump on. SSG for a couple of years worked two afternoons a week (just 3 hours a day) as a part-time nanny for a family with two girls. The girls are older (11 and 14 I believe), good kids, and the parents are really nice people. They were very good to SSG and I even did some interior painting for them that they paid me for. They had to replace SSG for this school year because we were going to have a baby and all involved were sad about it. SSG had grown quite attached to the kids and vice versa. Well last night we got an e-mail that the new person just wasn't working out and wanted to know if I would be interested. After talking it over with SSG and thinking about it I just couldn't turn it down. It's just 3-6 on Wednesdays and Thursday and it's not difficult work. SSG and I got really accustomed to that extra cash every week and we've really missed it. Plus with me not working and the holidays coming up I could use the extra cash. Looks like I'll be starting next week!

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Snickollet said...

Fantastic! I'm glad that's going to work out for you.