Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tagging a Tree

We seem to be starting a little bit of a tradition with SSG's parents and that is going out with them to tag a Christmas tree for their house. So on Sunday the three of us drove about 45 minutes to my in-laws and then off we went. I can't even begin to explain how happy we were to be getting outside and having a change of routine. It was a pretty "warm" day out and we packed the baby carrier to carry the girl. We walked through the rows and rows of trees until they found their tree and Little E happily slept the whole time. It's funny how so much can change in a year. Last year we were married and not pregnant and well this year we have our little family. Great day for sure and I know SSG's parents really enjoyed their time with their granddaughter. Here's some shots from the day!


nutella said...

Aww, such sweetness. looks like a terrific time. Explain to me what "tagging" a tree means. Does it mean that you pick a tree now and they cut it for you later? Do you still have to go get it?

Also, LOVE that carrier. Look sort of like an Ergo, but without a hood?

SupersammyG said...

You are right about the tree tagging. We go to a local tree farm and pick out our tree and tag it so they know that it is ours. It will remain planted and growing until a few days before Christmas when they cut it down and we go back to the farm and pick it up. It is fun. People actually decorate their tree when they tag it so when you are walking through the field of trees there are some all pretty.

The carrier is a beco. It has a removable hood. I love it too. It has some options that are a little different than the ergo that I really liked like the infant insert and that you can take it off and the baby is between a pocket so you can hand her off without taking her out of the carrier. I also loved that it came in really cool patterns.