Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rough Night

Little Miss Ella is having a rough night. She seemed to be refluxing like crazy at about 8pm and has been miserable ever since. She was just screaming in pain and it was terrible. She hasn't done this in a while and I am wondering if she is again out growing her dosage on her medicine. It took her whole lullaby cd to get her calm and finally asleep in my arms. When I tried to put her down she would sleep for about 10 minutes and then wake up crying again. My poor little lady bug! When I finally got her back asleep in my arms we decided to let her sleep in her bouncy so she wasn't laying flat. She has been sleeping although I did hear her cry out a few minutes ago. She seems to have settled again, hopefully for good. It is just so sad to see her so upset, she gets tears in her eyes now and looks at you with such a pitiful face. Hopefully this is not a very long night with no sleep! I am going to run and join Shazam and Ella in bed.

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